So you wanna be a CISSP?

My journey to passing the CISSP was not an easy one. I was able to pass without picking up any books. DO NOT underestimate this exam. Below I will go over the resources that helped me knock out this beast of a test.

  • CISSP Exam Cram by Pete Zerger 10/10
  • LearnzApp 8/10
  • Boson Ex-sim 10/10

Those were the only resources I used to pass this exam. Pete Zerger definitely killed it with the exam cram series, he goes over all the essential details in the least amount of time. You can also download the PowerPoint slides that are associated with each domain that is covered. I watched this exam cram series at least 20 times & I’m glad I did. After watching this multiple times I started doing question banks.

For practice tests, I used boson ex-sim along with the official ISC2 app. Both were essential tools in helping me tackle & pass the exam. Boson ex-sim comes with 700 questions, It may be on the pricier side but to me, it was worth it. I took all four tests, going through each in study mode to get the most use & drill the information in my head. Study mode helps you learn your weak areas & tells you the domain & topic your covering along with where you can find the topic in the Sybex book. I used the official learnzapp in the same way, the questions from the question bank all come from the sybex guide. It’s definitely cheaper than exsim & is a mobile app so you’ll have access anywhere.

Do not under estimate this exam, this won’t be an easy test to pass at all IMO. I began studying in January 2023 & passed the test on May 3rd. I put in many long days & nights to understand the material & soak everything in to successfully pass. My first time taking the test I did fail. No matter how much studying you do I feel as if the test will still be somewhat of a blur. If you have taken the sec+ before taking this like I did you will see a lot of overlap between the two. The CAT format tries to nail your weakest areas & the wording of the questions is very confusing. I recommend anyone who plans on taking the exam try to catch one of ISC2 bogo sales.

Now that I have knocked out this beast, I will be focusing more on hands-on material. My goal is to try to land a Soc analyst role. I plan on learning many of the blue team tools & technologies to get the feel & prepare for a soc role.